Produce better results, in less time, when grading your Google Workplace(TM) Docs student assignments.

Yep, we did the math and many teachers are spending as much as 45% of their assessment time on tasks other than grading constantly switching between applications, student submissions, and resources.

Our browser extension takes a bite out of your online grading woes by adding a grading rubric panel directly into your Google Workspace(TM) student assignments. Assess, grade, share, and repeat.

Simple. Effective. Powerful.

Using our proximity context for feedback not only improves a student's uptake, but with the click of a button, you will easily share their grading reports while saving on hours of valuable time.

Key benefits of using Gradelicious include:

  • 100% web based. You can grade anytime and anywhere you have access.

  • Uses rubric grids and commenting.

  • Secure one-click sharing of reports with students

  • No data uploads! Automatically create and maintain roster based class and assignment grading records.

  • Optimize your workflow - Create and access folders of assignments without opening multiple Google Workspace(TM) browser tabs.

Focus on grading and we'll keep it organized.